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Big Disappointment With Pinterest

Posted by Marilyn Southmayd on

I have Buyable Pins on Pinterest from my Shopify store so people can buy my products on Pinterest without leaving Pinterest.  I went to check if anything had a problem on getting to my Pinterest store.  To my surprise, I had 3 t-shirts that had the word "Lesbian" on them that had been denied.  So I went to Pinterest and searched Lesbian.  Lo and behold, there were plenty of them there with the buy buttons.

"So being a good client, I wrote to Pinterest asking why these were not allowed on my buy buttons.  Here is what I wrote:

How come 3 of my tshirts were rejected from my store because they have the word Lesbian in them. I see quite a few products on Pinterest that say Lesbian that were not rejected.  If they are allowed to sell, why aren't I? Also, why did my gay ones get through and not these.


I get a letter back from them telling me that my Buyable Pins were disabled until further review because they didn't realize that I carried content that they considered Shocking.  Here is the letter.  I left off the representative's name because I didn't see any sense in having it on here.  I went and looked at the link I had sent them, and all the ones with the word Lesbian had to removed.  I did notice that a Gay still got through.  Here is the letter I received back:

"Hi Marilyn,

Thanks for writing in!

Unfortunately, we've had to disable your Buyable Pins upon further review of your products because you carry products containing content our Ad Standards define as “shocking.”

We define shocking content as anything that:

  • Is sensational, aggressive, offensive, disrespectful, threatening or excessively violent, regardless of the message attached.
  • Includes explicit, implied, or censored profanity
  • Includes content that is sensationalist, alarmist, or plays on users' fears or self-esteem.

To remove these products and those that are similar from your buyable pins application, log into your Shopify dashboard, go to the product you want to opt out of buyable pins and edit the view to remove visibility for Pinterest. See attached image for reference.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Here are the t-shirts that were shocking:

I did these to support my granddaughter's choice of lifestyle.  I may not agree with it but she has freedom of choice.  I took the t-shirts that supported the LGBT lifestyle off Pinterest so that the rest of the stuff could go back as Buyable Pins.  I started to take all my Buyable Pins down but decided that that was cutting off my nose to spite my face.

I am very disappointed that Pinterest would eliminate a whole section of society from their pages because they consider it "shocking".

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