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Do You or Your Child Write Letters To Fairies?

Posted by Marilyn Southmayd on

Southmayd Publishing has just started to create some new journals for either you or your child to write in about what has been happening.  These would be great to hand down to your child when their child is getting ready for this time in their life.  Your child will be able to see what she wrote about her experience and also what you wrote about your part in the whole scheme of things.

There are going to be a variety of covers to pick some.  The reason that I put down child instead of girl is that there may be some boys that want to write to the fairies, too and they shouldn't be left out.  Some of the journals are in both a pink, considered a girly color, and others are designed in blues, considered a boy color.  I don't think any color is for girls or boys exclusively.  Let your child pick the color and design they like.

Each of the Journals have 100 wide ruled pages for you or your child to write in.  I picked wide ruled for most of them because I wanted smaller children to be able to write in it. There is one college ruled version.

I also created a design for the husky child.  This is because I don't want a husky child to look at all of the skinny fairies and think they are unacceptable.  I want them to see that there are different forms of fairies as there are of us.

Below are the journals that I now have available on Amazon.  My Pen name for them is Southmayd Publishing.  The last 6 journals were created with the images in black and white on a color background.  This was so that the children could color them in.

  My Fairy Journal: Fairy and ladybug wide ruled  My Fairy Journal: Fairy and Flowers Wide Ruled  My Fairy Letter Book  My Fairy Journal: Fairy and Butterfly Wide Ruled  My Secret Fairy Diary: Fairy with wand and green dress  My Fairy Journal: Fairy on Butterfly  My Fairy Journal:  Fairy in a tree  My Fairy Journal:  Fairy in a box  My Fairy Book: Fairies and Baby Blue  My Fairy Book: Fairies and Baby-Lilac  My Fairy Journal:  2 Fairies and Mushroom

What I want to ask of you is to look at the journals above and tell me which ones you like best and why.  I also would like for you to tell me the title you like best. And, lastly, I want to know if there would be an interest in the 3 lined pages for Kindergarten or primary grades.



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