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About Us

Hello, I am Marilyn Southmayd and I am in charge of Southmayd Enterprises.  This is a family business and I hope to get all of my family involved in one way or another.  I love going shopping at the stores and going to yard sales and thrift stores looking for items that are good enough to put in my store.

I can't get a regular job because of my health.  I am on Social Security and needed to supplement it to have a better way of living and help support my daughter and her children and later this year, my son.  To do this, I needed to find a way to make an honest income.  This is how Southmayd Enterprises came into being.

I live in deep South Texas where it is hot most of the year.  If we get any winter at all, it might be a month or two every year.  LOL  The only time I go out is to look for items for my store, to grocery shop, go to appointment, or run various people around.

I have been selling in one form or another since about 2002.  I started out doing craft shows and selling my different crafts.  In 2005, I progressed to a building where my mother-in-law and I had a shop set up.  During 2007, I started selling my crafts online on Etsy and other venues.  I started selling bead pattern designs in 2009.  I have various shops online that I sell different items in.  This year, I decided to combine quite a few of my stores to one central location.

I just opened Southmayd Enterprises and am working on getting it improved and updated with new products.  Hope you have a wonderful experience in my store.  If you have any problems or comments, don't hesitate to contact me.  I want happy customers.

I can be contacted at:
Marilyn Southmayd
1018 Madison St
Alice, TX  78332-3639

I can be found on:
Facebook (personal page)
Southmayd Enterprises FB Page
Grandma Marilyn's FB Page