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Bae on Tricycle Puzzle

Bae on Tricycle Puzzle


  • $ 22.00

Bae was a black long haired chihuahua that I had rescued that was a real clown.  He loved to be on things...this tricycle, a stepping stone on the porch, a didn't matter to him as long as he was on something.  I had finally decided I was going to keep him as I loved him so dearly.  We got him zootered and he passed away.  The vet said that he probably had heart worms and that was what killed him as they got riled up with the chemicals.  We will never know.  This poor baby was a throw-away dog with such a beautiful personality.  I miss him dearly.

I dedicate this puzzle to my little Bae.  Hope you have fun putting this 10x14 inch puzzle together.

You will receive the puzzle in a metal tin in approximately 11 days for domestic and 25 days for International shipping after payment is received.

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