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Cooking for Two: Add Candles for a Romantic Meal eBook

Grandma Marilyn

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Looking for good recipes for entertaining a special guy, gal, or significant other? Have an empty nest with just you and your hubby? This cookbook is set up especially for this situation. All the recipes are set up for two. You will find suggested menus for quite a few of the recipes so you don't have to come up with your own menu.  This eBook can be stored on your computer for easy access.  You can read them on your table or smart phone.  If you like, you can print them out for your own use.

Like most parents, I soon had an empty house.  There was only my husband and I to cook for.  I was so used to making large meals that it was hard to cut down to meals for two.  This peaked my interest in recipes that were cut down to serve two.  At the time, there were not that many cookbooks with recipes for two people.  I set down and started making this cookbook.  I thought it would be great to show some menus with some of the recipes so that the cook could figure out what to serve with these recipes.  I tried to use recipes from the book for the menus.  I hope you like what I came up with.

What makes me qualified to write a cookbook?  I have collected recipes ever since I can remember.  I would cut them out of books or write them on whatever scrap of paper I had on hand.  Later, I got an digital cookbook created by R.J. (Bob) Ross.  This helped me to keep track of my recipes on my computer.  I have several folders with recipes of various types that I can choose from.  I have been cooking most of my life and have loved cookbooks.  I have a large collection of them.  I'm not saying that I am an expert on cooking but I love sharing my love of recipes.

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