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Lent Journal 2017: Blank Journal for Lent Promises

Lent Journal 2017: Blank Journal for Lent Promises


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Author: Lent 2017 Spiritual Faith Journals

ISBN: 1542568862

Number Of Pages: 104

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Details: What is your Lent promise this year? Will you be ‘giving something up’ for 40 days? Is abstinence or fasting your method of observing the Lenten season? Why not ADD something to your spiritual journey during Lent? Setting aside time for journaling each day can be a great tool to enhance prayer and mindfulness as you prepare for the Easter celebration. You may ask yourself some of these questions as an inspiration for your daily entries: What am I abstaining from and why? What am I adding for Lent and why? What is my physical experience during this time? My emotional experience? My spiritual experience? What are the challenges? What are my perceived failures and successes? What is my personal experience with God and faith during this Lenten season? With family and friends? With myself? Use this journal to write prayers, meditations, favorite hymns, scriptures, poems or to note anything of importance. There are no rules for journaling. Each journey through Lent is personal. Make this your own and document your process along the way.

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